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Secrets of Alagaesia

The Game

Arcaena is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) built on the insanely popular sandbox game Minecraft, bringing Christopher Paolini's world of Alagaesia to life in a one-of-a-kind, world-first multiplayer experience.

Free and Easy to Play

Install with one click using the Arcaena Launcher

There was a time when modding Minecraft meant hours of tedious downloading, careful configuring and client crashing.

The Arcaena Launcher changes that, installing the game quickly with a single click!

The MCAlagaesia Map used in Arcaena

The Map

A Faithful Recreation of Alagaesia by The MCAlagaesia Team

Our talented team of builders and terraformers have been working on The MCAlagaesia Project since late 2012.

The project aims to re-create Christopher Paolini's world of Alagaesia in Minecraft, complete with all towns and cities shown on the map or mentioned in the book with as much accuracy as possible.

Arcaena is the official MCAlagaesia Project game. The MCAlagaesia Team continues to support Arcaena with frequent updates to locations for you to re-visit, and even entirely new sections to the world of Alagaesia for you to explore!

The MCAlagaesia Map used in Arcaena


The Age of the Dragon Riders has Come Again

Dragon Riding in Arcaena

You should always take the chance to hold a Dragon egg if you are ever in its presence. Should it choose you as its rider, you will be in for a world of adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

The bond between Rider and Dragon goes deeper than words. Arcaena hopes to introduce an AI system that allows you and others to communicate with your Dragon and watch it develop its own unique personality in the future!

As a Rider, will you protect and serve the realm, or will you become part of the next generation of the Forsworn? In Arcaena, the choice is yours.


Command the Elements with your Knowledge of the Ancient Language

Throughout your travels, you may find scrolls and books in an obscure Ancient Language. With careful research and training, you can learn this language to manipulate the world around you.

Arcaena currently has a collection of 21 spells for you to master.

We're still learning the Ancient Language too, making frequent additions to the growing list of spells!

Magic and Spells in Arcaena


Create a Character

Create a Character to play Arcaena

Inspired by roleplaying games, Arcaena allows you to create a character that truly represents you.

With the ability to customise your race, sex, age, skin and a whole number of other physical attributes, the possibilities are endless!

Level up your abilities as you play and interact with the world.


Share your Progress with Achievements

Complete almost 100 achievements related to exploration, hunting, magic and dragon riding.

Early achievements help you learn how to play the game.

Arcaena achievements contain inside jokes and references to the Inheritance Cycle that the die-hard fan is sure to appreciate!

Example Achievements in Arcaena


Your Place in Alagaesia

Strongholds in Arcaena

Strongholds are areas where you can build your own town or city with friends.

Collect resources from the world to fund your building projects and watch as your stronghold grows from a tiny village into a bustling city!

But remember, as your stronghold expands, it may attract the attention of your enemies...


A New Challenge

Arcaena's thirst mechanic adds a new challenge to the game. The possibility of death by dehydration should weigh on your mind when you decide to take a long journey.

Drinking water, alchohol or potions can quench your thirst. Eating watermelon will help a bit too.

Do you have enough water to make it across the Hadarac Desert to the lands beyond?

Thirst adds a New Challenge to Arcaena

Health and Healing

Stay Healthy with Magic and Medicine

Health and Healing in Arcaena

Health does not regenerate naturally in Arcaena. We wouldn't make it that easy for you!

Instead, eating a piece of food or resting will restore a small amount of your health. Some vendors may have potions to restore your strength as well.

However, the best way to ensure your survival is to adventure with a group of friends. Healing spells are far more powerful than potions. They can always patch you up with a bandage as well!


Monsters of Alagaesia

Throughout your travels, you will encounter many creatures who seek to do you harm.

Perhaps you could hold your own if you get into a disagreement with a human in a bar, or disrespect an Urgal on the road.

However, there are tales of far nastier monsters roaming the lands... Ra'zac... Lethrblaka... And even whispers of Shades.

Enemies and Monsters in Arcaena


It's Time for an Adventure

Quests in Arcaena

You'll be sure to meet many interesting folk who need help with one thing or another.

Some of their tasks may seem mundane, even boring. Others are just outright dangerous! But there could be a reward in it for you...

The decision to take on their quest and earn the reward is yours - if you're up for it.

...And so much more!

True Names

Your character and actions in Arcaena influence your true name, which you must discover to enter the Vault of Souls.

Loot Chests

One of the many ways of acquiring the items you'll need on your quests is to find them in chests! But be careful - some loot may be protected.


Hidden in plain sight, these chests will steal whatever you're holding. However, they may be enticed to give it back, for a price.


Spy on your enemies or communicate with your allies over long distances. Provided, of course, you have previously visited their location.

Grappling Hooks

This rare item can be used to scale impenetrable castle walls or cross treacherous ravines.


Your body can only store so much energy. Siphon off the excess into gems! But be careful, nobody who has broken a jewel full of energy has lived to tell the tale...


These magical beings float through Alagaesia, performing mighty acts of magic when it strikes their fancy.

Burning Torches

Some torches burn out and will need to be re-lit with flint and steel. Unless, of course, you can see in the dark.


Arcaena adds additional foodstuffs such as mushrooms, which may give you random potion effects!


If many players travel the same off-road path, the grass will eventually wear down to coarse dirt and then dirt, forming a new community-made trail.

Visual Effects

Additional visual effects such as blood when hitting an enemy spice up the Minecraft look.

More to Discover

There's even more that we want you to discover for yourself!

The Arcaena

The Arcaena are a secret organisation dedicated to recording and preserving the secrets of Alagaesia. The sect sends its members out to explore the land to learn about its magic and history.

As you explore the fantastic land of Alagaesia in Arcaena, we hope you'll discover some of these secrets as well.

Release of Arcaena

Arcaena is releasing soon. Follow us on social media and bookmark this page so you don't forget!

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